Topography Extraction Highlights

Import Project Data

Use TopoCloud™ to import point clouds, images, and related metadata from your local drive, a remote server, the Amazon Cloud® and/or Bentley’s Projectwise®.

Extract Topography Elements

Use TopoDOT® to extract CAD elements such as breaklines, road surface, building footprints. Feed your DTM engine with accurate, well-defined, and properly formatted CAD elements.

Extract Road Surface

Use TopoDOT®'s unique road extraction tool to automatically extract highly accurate surface topography with a minimum number of CAD elements. Note: Pre-cleaning or pre-classifying point cloud data is never necessary!

Extract Complex Breaklines

Use TopoDOT®'s tools to extract curb lines, pavement, sidewalk, and general topography breaks.

Advanced Smart Cell Technology

TopoDOT® reduces complex modeling time from several minutes to a few seconds! Model complex repeated objects as "Smart Cells". These cells will resize to connect automatically with existing vectors. Designated vertices will automatically place themselves on the point cloud. Adjustments to the Smart Cell can be made in seconds for a perfect fit!

Extract bare earth surface

Use TopoDOT®'s elevation grid tool to extract bare earth surfaces from heavily vegetated areas. Note: Pre-cleaning or pre-classifying point cloud data is never necessary!

Extract building footprints

Use TopoDOT® to extract horizontal cross-sections of building or structural data and automatically place footprint at correct elevation.

Extract Asset Features

Use TopoDOT®'s asset extraction tool to locate, identify and place symbols on signs, lights, signals, trees, etc. Record associated metadata in a .shp or .cvs file format.

Create Topography

Identify extracted breaklines and elevation points as input to your digital terrain model tool. Create highly detailed DTMs in MicroStation®, PowerSurvey®, AutoCAD®, Civil 3D® and other popular CAD platforms.

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